Feel better at work: pay a compliment to your co-workers

Journée mondiale du compliment - Chooseandwork

March the1st is the international compliment day. This event was created in 2003 in the Netherlands with one goal: becoming the “most uplifting day in the world”.

But do we really need to have a special day to pay a compliment?

First thing first: why make a compliment?

Very simple… It makes you feel good!

Who has never sought for acknowledgement? A compliment is essential for our well-being because it meets fundamental needs: self-esteem and self-accomplishment.

Well ok…. But if I am going to compliment someone, it will be to a friend, not someone I work with!

Indeed, complimenting your loved ones is important (especially children), but it is just as essential to compliment your co-workers.

It is all about motivation, performance and therefore, effectiveness.

Let’s set a scene:

An urgent meeting must be organised. You ask your assistant to find a venue and make sure this important event is flawlessly planned.

Julie (your assistant) comes back to you 15 minutes later to notice you that the mission is a success (thanks to Choose & Work, she selected the perfect meeting room within budget, booked the appropriate equipment and paid online).

Julie deserves a compliment! She will be happier, glad she could meet your expectations and have a good reaction from you. Her stress level will be lower and she will be more efficient in her work.

Ok, but what kind of compliment?

For the compliment to have the intended effect in a workplace, you should abstain from giving any compliment related to someone’s physic.

Some will say compliments will necessarily be hypocritical, unlike insults which are usually spontaneous. To that we say: insults won’t improve the well-being of the people around you.

Besides, just because a compliment didn’t originate spontaneously doesn’t mean it is hypocritical. It might very well be a positive thing that you noticed before but never voiced out loud.

A compliment should always be sincere: there is no point in complimenting a colleague on the coffee he just made if it is undrinkable. However, you may tell him you were impressed by his report that you thoroughly read, as you give him your personal recipe for your perfect cup of coffee.