As every year, June 14 is the World Blood Donor Day. Organized by the World Health Organization, this day reminds everyone of the importance of these blood donations.

Blood donation: how to organize a collection at your work?

You want to organize a blood collection at your workplace? To do this, simply follow these steps:

Request the agreement of the management of the company
It is essential to involve the whole company in the donation of blood and to organize a schedule that will be followed in order to avoid absences at the workplace and traffic jams in front of the collection point.
Your employer must commit to releasing the employees during the blood collection (count on average 45 minutes).
Conduct a small internal survey
This is the first blood collection you organize? Before contacting the blood collection agency, consider consulting your colleagues. Indeed, the blood collection agency will only come if a minimum number of people commit themselves to donate their blood.
If you are few, you can get closer to the neighboring companies in order to optimize the transport time of the blood collection agency.
Choose the location
The blood collection agency can provide a truck adapted for blood sampling. However, if you have an unused meeting room and an office available on that day (donors need to be isolated to see the doctor) near the toilet, you can ask your company management to provide of these premises.
Choose the date
Obviously, it is better to avoid the long weekends as well as the training weeks that will see some of your colleagues absent. The objective is to get as many donors as possible (on average 8 to 12% of the employees participate in a blood collection)
Contact the blood collection agency (
Once these steps have been completed, contact the EFS to finalize the details.
Communicate internally within the company
Posters, mails, exchanges during lunch breaks, a blood collection is announced in advance (2 weeks before at the latest) and reminders made 2/3 days before.
The blood collection agency provides: posters, guides, information sheets …
Keep an up-to-date list of donors with a schedule
On the day of the donation you must provide the schedule and the list of donors registered to the staff of the blood collection agency.

How can I know if I can give my blood?

The blood collection agency website has a small online test to find out whether you are eligible for blood donation or not.

This is all the information you need to give your blood while staying at your office.