For World Water day on the March 22, Choose and Work gives you some tips to hydrate at work. Zoom on the behaviour towards water in the workplace.

Lack of water is bad for your health

According to a study (IFOP-2014), 2 French out of 3 don’t drink enough water per day. This is true at work, what about in the workplace?
It is even worse. Only 5% of drink consuming happens on the workplace.
Let’s remember that the WHO recommends 1.5L of water per day for desk employees and 2L for jobs requiring a physical effort.

What being well hydrated does for your co-workers

•    Body temperature self-regulation
Drinking water, especially during winter, allows your body to self-regulated its temperature.
However, even well hydrated, air conditioning in your working spaces during summer is always nice for your co-workers.
•    Improve digestion
We have all been through attacks of tiredness right after lunch. Especially if you drank something else than water after a long, intensive meeting.
Drink water helps you counteract these effects. If you wish to have your audience’s undivided attention during the afternoon, think about providing water bottles in your meeting rooms.
•    Prevent some diseases
Water can dilute substances. Therefore, it helps regulate blood sugar, detoxify the organism from the environment, speed weight loss and improve your body oxygenation. Say good bye to diabetes, asthma or migraines.
•    Fight stress
Drinking water also improves your co-workers’ mood. To decrease anger, depression and other negative feelings, drinking water is a simple, cheap solution.
Water also directly impact the tiredness, and irritability.
Instead of drinking coffee, drink water!
•    Boost your brain
Your co-workers have a hard time focusing? Encourage them to drink water. Bad hydration decreases the ability to focus and can cause loss of memory.

Finally, visit Choose and Work and think about booking water and breaks (cold or hot drinks) as you book your working space.