Prendre des pauses permet d'être plus efficace au travail

As more and more people struggle at work without ever letting go of their computers, more and more voices are being raised to praise the benefits of work breaks and their beneficial effects on productivity. Choose and Work explains why it is essential to take breaks during the work day.

To stay productive

Contrary to popular belief, taking regular breaks can increase productivity, provided of course that they are reasonable. This is in any case what a study conducted by New York University, and cited by BFM Business, shows. According to this January 2010 study, breaks allow our brain to sort and absorb the most important information, and increase its ability to concentrate for two hours a day.

Regular breaks are indeed to relax and take a step back from current issues, and even more so for employees who spend most of their time in front of a screen. This reduces fatigue and stress and therefore the risk of errors, which wastes time and therefore money for the company. In addition to the benefits for the employer, breaks at work also help avoid certain health problems, particularly musculoskeletal disorders.

How often are breaks taken?

Legally, the French Labor Code sets the minimum break time for 6 hours worked at 20 minutes, and at one hour beyond 9 hours worked, and some collective agreements go beyond that. The French National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS) recommends a break of 5 minutes every hour if the work is intensive, or 15 minutes every two hours in other cases.

What should you do during your break?

To really be able to cut with the activity in progress and come back more concentrated, it is advised to “disconnect” from the screens. Then Facebook, personal emails and company emails are forgotten. It’s better to move around – walk a little to stretch your legs – and take advantage of the opportunity to meet your colleagues in front of the coffee machine. Indeed, taking a break at the same time as your colleagues also has a beneficial effect on productivity, and helps to federate teams.

So even if you feel you’re running out of time, we can’t tell you enough: take breaks!